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Is there any way you could release a list of the plugins you used for this game? i would like to use a similar combat system to yours.

Hey @DragonBlade650, here is the list of plugins, only the plugins I developed myself are not included in the package.

Download Plugins

Hey man do you want to sell me the rights and the source code of this game?

Hey @mercantesventura

I never thought about selling the game, it depends, everything has a price ;D

How much do you want?

I spent too much time working on this game, even though the project has been stalled for years, now and then I go back and add something. I still have a certain attachment to him. I apologize, but I would not sell it for less than a thousand dollars.

Oh I had a 100 dollars in mind... maybe 200... 1000 is too much... but thanks for letting me know! =)

I know that the amount I suggested is very high, even if you accepted it, I would probably deny it due to the emotional attachment to the project. Thank you so much for expressing your desire to buy the source code of the game.

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can you tell the name of the plugin battel system you used 

and by the way awesome game 

Thanks @giagazaoua!

The battle plugin was developed by myself, it was heavily based on Yanfly ATB plugin.

oh cool you have done a greet job making it it's awesome it makes the cobalt faster and more treating
you suede release i wood even pay for it 


Nice game.. i enjoyed.. 

i finished but i want more :O !! ..

Hey @slemon, you really finished everything in the game. Incredible, you have all the best equipment. Unfortunately the development of the game has stopped for a while because I'm focused in another projects, you know, we have to put food on the table. When things calm down, I'll get back to the game. Thank you very much for playing the game and for your kind feedback.

I really like this game, are you planning to expand on it later?

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Hi Archeia. I'm glad you liked the game. Sure, I will expand it, this is a short list with the biggest milestones for the future:

  • Add a good history to the game;
  • Add a class system;
  • Create dungeons with more rooms, traps, some puzzles and more randomized.

That sounds great! I'll be sure to follow the development of the game. I played this for like 4 hrs man.

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Wow, looks like you had some good time with the game. I really put my heart into this project and I feel fulfilled when someone likes the game so much. Thanks for your feedback Archeia!

Did a write-up on this game! Probably the most addictive game I've played so far!

Hey @scitydreamer, thank you for your amazing review. I left a message in your blog, keep up the good work!

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Dungeon Down, a (secret santa) review

The Short: It's just fun.


  • Excellent combat system. Simple, fast and cathartic.
  • Addicting dungeon exploration and treasure. I wanted to keep playing.

Cons (minor):

  • No story. There really isn't much going on here, but it doesn't matter because more loot!
  • Some of the items/weapons etc. were a bit confusing in what they did, and what the different tiers of power were. There are so many different types of gear it gets a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to get excited about.
  • Mapping is functional, but the dungeon levels get a bit repetitive in layout, especially given that there isn't much reason to explore in the first place.

If dungeon crawling with some roguelike features are your thing, this game is fantastic.  The fun of the combat system and skill progression more than overcome its minor flaws.

Hey @Rubescen!

Thank you so much for your honest review! I'm glad you had fun playing!

I can't believe I didn't hear about this one yet, so I'm glad I saw it on drifty's channel. Great game with engaging combat! :D This deserves a vote for sure!

Hey DrassRay, thank you so much for your kind words, I really hope you have fun playing the game!

This looks like my kinda game! Looks liek a very quality entry, I'm gonna give it a playthrough and let ya know what I think~

Hello @Tofu_Sheets_Visual, thank you for giving it a chance, I hope you enjoy the game!

Played this one. Was a nice bit of fun learning the equipment and when to apply the Eturneum to them. I enjoyed going over the levels a bit again and again as the last chest was the best equipment. Found myself to be so high of a level afterwards (320+) that most enemies died in one hit.

Found one bug for you. When you play the game and then select to exit to title and start a new game, all your skills are still at the level they were from the last game. Was funny when I wanted to start over and my character had every spell at max. I couldn't cast any, you don't start out with enough magic. lol.

Definitely got potential. Well done

I would maybe suggest that you put in a penalty as well. The death count doesn't seem to do anything. I can go in, play and exit then go back in the same area. (looking for equipment) as many times as I want. The player should only keep the Eturneum equipment if they die, not by exiting.

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Hey @NewQuestGaming, wow, you definitely played a lot, the maximum level I reached in my tests was 150, I am so glad that you had fun playing.

Thanks for finding this bug, this is new to me, really a funny bug, starting with the maximum skill but doesn't have the MP needed to cast them XD

Good suggestion, right now the death count is only for statistics, that would be a way to give it more purpose.

Thank you for your kind review.

I had issues with my original submission upload as well. Can't wait to check out your game. As a D&D and JRPG fan, I think it'll be fun. and thanks ! 

Hey @GrandBrickLaver, thank you for your interesting in play the game, I hope you have fun playing it :)

I got this error

Cannot read property 'pages' of undefined
for more information, push F8"

I'm using win10

It looks so interesting, though. :)

Hello @wikan, thank you for trying the game.

Try to right click on the game.exe and select to Run as Administrator, maybe this fix the issue.

Looks good from what I've seen. I'll add it to my "To Play" List :)

Hey @CloudTheWolf. Thanks for giving it a chance, I hope you enjoy the game.

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Great game, currently level 92 on 84th floor. Im interested too see how far this game goes. Will continually check for updates. 

*edit* finished it :( now what do i do

Hello @mathalas, thanks for playing the game.

The game was developed in one month for the IGMC contest, despite having more than 80 floors, the game is relatively short. I hope you had fun. I have a plan to make a bigger version of this game with more skills and different classes, but for now it's just a draft.

It seems awesome, will definitely try it tonight!

Thank you @Solarfun Games Studio. I definitely will try your game too!